Small Business Marketing is a big job!

Make your website a truly valuable resource—for you and your customers. 

  • Focus on what you do best—let a pro do the rest
  • Publish content that attracts customers and establishes your business as an industry authority without paying for ads
  • A no-nonsense, easy-to-manage strategy prevents you from “shooting in the dark” with your marketing efforts


Content Writing

Improve your SEO and boost your online authority with content people value enough to keep them coming back.


Stand out and attract your target audience with strategic website content that truly engages people and drives results.


Get a website content audit, brand audit, or strategy and content ideas for blog and social media posts.

Hi! I'm Jana.

You need more than just a writer.

You need a strategic communicator.



Learn 3 new things or your next coffee’s on me!

Here’s what I bring to the table…

As the offspring of generations of hard-working entrepreneurs, and as a small business owner myself, I’ve inherited a unique understanding of the heart of small business owners and relate to the determination and passion that drives you.

I have:

  • Featured Snippet & first-page ranking success with SEO
  • 20 years of copywriting & content writing for finance, law, construction, renovation, real estate, non-profit, telecom, and SEO industries
  • 16 years of brand strategy experience
  • a lifetime of customer service and consumer experience


Skills and experience aside, I’m a communications specialist. This makes me easy to work with. That’s why around 80% of my schedule is work from clients who keep coming back.

Learn 3 new things or your next coffee’s on me!

My Rates

My rates vary depending on several factors:

  • scope of the project
  • amount of research involved
  • timeline
  • and other factors


Written content and copywriting are a critical investment in your business.

The following prices are estimates to give you an idea of what to budget – or if my services fit your budget. 

Blog Posts: start at $250

Brand New Website Copy: typically starts at $1,500

Website Content Audit: starts at $300

Brand Guide: typically starts at $1,500

Consulting: Borrow my brain for an hour to come up with a content strategy or help you solve a copywriting problem – $80 hourly or contact me for a project quote

Frequently Asked Questions

What's your lead time?

My lead time is typically 2 weeks for taking on a new project. If I'm able to squeeze in an urgent job, I charge a 20% rush fee. I limit the number of clients I work with at a time so I can give each project the attention it deserves.

Do you charge per word?

Never. My rates are value-based. This means you're paying for the value of the finished product, not per word.

How & when do I pay?

I require a 50% deposit on all new projects. The remainder is due within 15 days of delivery. I accept most credit cards and email money transfers. Payment can be made online directly from the invoice. We can discuss a payment plan for large projects.

Can I get a free sample?

No. I don't work for free. I do understand hiring me is an investment, so I offer a short, custom writing sample for $90. Send me a piece of your existing copy (400 words or less) and I'll rewrite it to show you what I can do.


What My Clients Say

Brands I've Written For Include:

Learn 3 new things or your next coffee’s on me!