Hi! I'm Jana.

I communicate the message you want to share. I’m a copywriter and content strategist.

You know:

  • you need content on your website…
  • you should work on your branding…
  • your blog needs fresh content…
  • all the information to present…
  • you’re full of ideas and have things to say…


But when it comes to actually writing this stuff, you’d rather give your grandmother a pedicure.

That’s okay. Because that’s my job. (The writing, not the pedicure.)

Writing is my thing. I strategically ask questions, do the research, and craft a piece of content or copy for your project that connects with your readers.

Small businesses are my soft spot. Helping you create a brand that perfectly represents who you are as a company thrills me to an embarrassing degree. “Giddy” might be an accurate description.

Beyond that, I write for SEO to optimize your online content so it’s seen and read instead of sitting unnoticed in a corner like that bag you keep forgetting to take to the thrift store.

I can write your:

Blog Posts

Improve your SEO and boost your online authority with content people value enough to keep them coming back.

Website Copy

Stand out and attract your target audience with strategic website content that truly engages people and drives results.

Anything Else?

Want something written that hasn’t been covered here? I can write case studies, email campaigns, courses, ebooks, presentations, and more.

Brands I've Written For Include: