Jana Carlson

The writing callous on the middle finger of my right hand first appeared in elementary school. It never left.

I’m a prairie-born, mountain-matured, former-islander, and current Calgary, Alberta resident.

Proud wife of my favorite guitarist/composer/musician and mom to 3 truly likable beings.

I survive on matcha lattes, jazz, books, the odd game of Monopoly or Catan, and memories of the smell and crunch of autumn leaves for 4 days out of every year.

Copywriter & Content Strategist

You need more than just a writer.

You need a strategic communicator with a knack for (almost magically) translating the thoughts in your head into words on a page.


Here’s what I bring to the table…

As the offspring of hard-working entrepreneurs, I’ve inherited a unique understanding of the heart of business owners.

As a business owner myself, I relate to the determination and passion that drives your message.

Each piece I write becomes my own personal mission.

I have:

  • Featured Snippet & first-page ranking success with SEO
  • 20 years of copywriting and content creation 
  • 10 years in the finance industry
  • 3 years copywriting for the cloud communications industry
  • 16 years of brand strategy experience
  • a lifetime of customer service and consumer experience

Skills and experience aside, I’m a communications specialist. This makes me easy to work with. That’s why around 75% of my schedule is work from clients who keep coming back.