Why CoSchedule is My Favorite Business Tool

CoSchedule is an indispensable tool in my business.

It saves me hours of work each week and simplifies every step of my workflow process.

What is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a brilliant suite of tools to power every aspect of your online marketing. It’s designed to help you stay focused, keep projects on track and on time, and make your work enjoyable.

This #1 marketing calendar serves as Grand Central Station for your entire marketing strategy. From planning and scheduling to building and executing projects, and promoting them across your social media world – CoSchedule’s got you covered!


My Life Before CoSchedule

My work involves creating content for multiple business blogs and social media platforms. Before I found CoSchedule, I was constantly trying to find a better method of keeping track of dozens of accounts and calendars. I spent almost as much time planning and keeping track of publishing schedules as I did actually creating the content. It was nearly impossible to see my entire work schedule at a glance.

Even when I was clear on what content needed to be published and where, the work of actually publishing it took too much time. I’d have dozens of tabs open in my browser. For each social platform and blog, I’d have to log in manually.

It was inefficient, difficult to keep organized, and not nearly as enjoyable as it should be.

I tried multiple free scheduling tools with varying results. None of them thrilled me. Some of them completely frustrated me. Not a single one of them had excellent customer service. They all felt like a waste of my time.

My Life After CoSchedule

CoSchedule transformed my work life. It allows me to do all my work from one place and to see everything at a glance. I get to focus on creating content and CoSchedule keeps it all organized and automatically publishes it for me! This amazing tool saves me hours and hours of work each week.

I can sync all my favorite tools and social platforms into one place, so I can focus on driving traffic to my blog (not jumping from one tool to the next). CoSchedule integrates with tools such as WordPress, Google Analytics, Evernote, Google Docs, MailChimp, Zapier, and more!

Scheduling Posts, Events, Projects & Tasks

The calendar shows me all my tasks and projects at a glance. It’s super easy to drag and drop a task, event, email campaign, social post, or project from one day to another. I can filter my view to show me only specific clients, social profiles, or blogs – or I can see it all at once. The entire calendar view is customizable.

CoSchedule + WordPress

One of my favorite features of CoSchedule is the integration with WordPress. I can create and edit WordPress posts directly from CoSchedule, which saves time.

Task list templates allow me to easily add repeated tasks to different types of projects so I don’t forget anything. Each client has a customized list, but I can add all the tasks to those projects with one click of the mouse. It eliminates the risk of me forgetting to design a graphic or add SEO to a post before it publishes. I just make sure all the tasks are checked off and I’m good to go!

The best part is that I can schedule a social campaign for a post that hasn’t even been published yet! CoSchedule will automatically attach the blog post URL to the social posts once it goes live. This has probably saved me the most time overall. I can write a post and schedule the social campaign all at once and forget about it, even if it’s months in advance!

Social Media

CoSchedule enables me to promote on social media like an entire team. I can:

  • Eliminate the guesswork in social scheduling. With so much competition, it’s tough to get through the noise. Best Time Scheduling spaces out my messages for maximum coverage, getting the most social engagement every time.
  • Schedule dozens of social media messages in bulk. Create a predefined social sharing plan to reuse again and again, so I can focus on creating exceptional content, not manually filling in my social queue.
  • Instantly share content from anywhere on the web. Curate and share content with followers without ever leaving the browser. No more copy/paste commands or switching from one tab to the next!
  • Automatically Re-Use My Best Social Messages without the manual work. ReQueue fills in the gaps of my daily schedule (with intelligence), not manual guesses! It takes into account my entire social schedule, uses Best Time Scheduling to promote my messages at the most optimal times + finds the gaps in my schedule (so I don’t have to).


CoSchedule even tracks the effectiveness of my social marketing! I can see engagement analytics in the same place I do all my work! I can see the ROI of my efforts (and make improvements fast)! It enables me to:

  • Refine my social strategy (for every profile) with actionable insight. Track my social performance across multiple profiles so I know what’s working (and what isn’t). Use real-time data to make updates to my social strategy, so I can continue to drive results.
  • Stop guessing at what will (or will not) resonate with my followers. Utilize my social network reports to identify top messages AND create content I know my audience will love.

Exceptional Customer Service

The cherry on top of this sweet marketing tool is the customer service. I’ve contacted CoSchedule multiple times – from the initial set-up process during my free trial to account changes and technical issues my inexperienced mind couldn’t figure out.

Every single time, I was helped by a personable, friendly individual who communicated clearly and knew exactly what to do. They’ve gone above and beyond, doing little extras and giving me extra time to try things out to see what’s best for my needs.

Great For Teams!

My business is me and me alone. But CoSchedule works great for teams, too! You can assign tasks to a specific team or individual, comment on projects, submit a draft for approval, and track team activity all in one place.

The Best Investment

CoSchedule is by far my favorite business tool. Without it, I’d be incapable of accomplishing as much as I do in a week. It has empowered me to do more work in less time and to serve more clients without added stress.

I cannot recommend it highly enough.

They’re offering a free trial. Give CoSchedule a try.


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  1. Thank you so much for the review! I love reading what our users like about CoSchedule and seeing what they find most valuable.

    All the best in 2019!

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